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The following standard sales and delivery terms apply to all goods and other services of ATE™. If pre-printed general terms and conditions are stated in the customer's order, such terms and conditions shall only be effective, if agreed in writing, by ATE™.

Prices and technical data
Prices and technical data are subject to change without notice.

Terms of delivery
Our prices are quoted Ex Works in accordance with Inco terms 1990 and excluding VAT. Non-registered VAT customers from the European Union should therefore add xx % VAT to our prices.

Handling and insurance
Insurance is included in the freight charges. The customer should add these charges to the total cost of the order. Orders of less than 200 USD in value will be subject to a handling fee of 20 USD.

Payment terms
Payments shall be made prior to delivery by bank transfer. ATE™ Asian bank account: Bangkok Bank, Account name: ATE-Asia Co., Ltd, Branch: 1077, Account No: 036-7-26914-9 Bangkok Bank SWIFT Code: BKKBTHBK


Property rights
All goods remain the property of ATE™ until payment has been received in full by ATE™. However, the transfer of risk of the products shall pass to the customer from the time of delivery.

Order terms
ATE™ makes every effort to deliver orders as requested. The customer must comply with all requests for documents. In cases of "Force Majeure" ATE™ will be free of all obligations. ATE™ will not be liable for any consequential or other loss relating to late delivery.

In case of transportation damage please contact your local DHL office or other forwarder and notify ATE™. All other complaints must be made in writing to ATE™ within 10 days of receipt of goods.

ATE™ guarantees its products against defective workmanship and materials under normal procedures according to the book of instructions for 1 year from date of purchase. ATE™ undertakes to substitute or repair defective products covered by this warranty.

Product liability
ATE™ shall only be liable for personal injury; if it can be proved that the injury was caused by negligence on the part of ATE™ or by anyone for whom ATE™ is responsible. ATE™ shall not be held liable for damage to fixed property or chattels or for the loss of production, lack of profit or other consequential losses, for example loss arising out of inability to utilize the products in accordance with their purpose. Under no circumstances shall ATE™ be liable for damage to third parties. Any customer shall be obliged to indemnify ATE™ with respect to any claims for compensation from third parties.

Battery recycling
ATE™ is an environmentally aware company. ATE™ batteries can be recycled to protect and preserve our natural resources. ATE™ undertakes to receive redundant batteries for recycling or disposal, in accordance with obligations in statutory regulation in Danish law at the time of delivery.

Applicable law and venue
Any dispute and/or claim arising out of or in connection with the sale of products and/or the interpretation of these general terms of delivery shall be settled in accordance with international law. The venue shall be the ordinary courts in Bangkok, Thailand.



Legal Statement